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Powerful solutions to navigate unstructured data.

Kodexa pipelines let you easily manage the complex environment of unstructured data to make it simple.

Based upon open source technology with processes and configurations that are specifically developed to solve mission-critical business problems, the Kodexa Cloud Service offering enables firms to quickly and easily implement software that facilitates the management and movement of unstructured data.

Kodexa’s document processing pipelines can slice through the document data stores at great speed and identify the relevant documents using named entity recognition and comprehension techniques. As part of this process, Kodexa produces an object model from each document which can then be analyzed consistently, regardless whether the document is a PDF or scanned image.

Learn More, Do More.

Iterative processes help you discover new ways to solve complex problems.

Kodexa allows you to review the entire set of results to determine the completeness and accuracy of the data. Users can then supplement already proven extracts and fine tune them to achieve the desired end state. As an added benefit, as the terms, conditions, complexity and document structures change, the Kodexa solution allows the configurations to be adapted, thereby supporting a “learn more, do more” approach.

Kodexa reduces the need for large teams of people to manually read documents and find critical information. Additionally, the Kodexa pipeline allows you to seamlessly move the data into your data store, eliminating manual entry and costly translation errors.