The Cloud
Data Platform

for unstructured data

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Open Architecture, Fully Extensible

Easily and seamlessly integrate Kodexa into your platform and end-to-end workflows for the total solution.


Available Actions from PDF to Excel and NLP to Spatial

Features and functions that are purpose-built to solve problems, from the simplest to the most complex.


Fully Secure from Cloud, AWS Marketplace, On-Premise to Embedded

Flexible to work within any environment with the security and controls to ensure the utmost privacy, stability and reliability.

Deliver Amazing

We Developers

The team behind Kodexa has spent decades building products, and every member of our team has developed code along the way.

We know first hand how important it is to build amazing products. For five years, we worked on a huge range of unstructured data projects, and that experience drove us to build Kodexa. We wanted to provide a rich, powerful platform to allow teams all over the world to deliver amazing capabilities, solve unique and interesting business challenges, and embrace the unstructured world.

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